Annapurna Circuit with DM1


In  October 2016 I did the trekking of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Going over 5416 meter at Thorung La pass is already something, but having diabetes type 1 makes it a bit more of a challenge. But: a challenge absolutely worth it, and doable when you prepare well. To show you why you should go: see the pictures. In case you have questions on what precautions to take as a diabetic, feel free to contact me by email. Before I did this tracking, I had a hard time finding any info from diabetics who hiked the Annapurna trail. Let this be a start 🙂

I plan to expand this post, but first in some bullet points:

  • Height will affect your blood sugar. In my case, going up made me super insulin sensitive. However, I’ve read in the literature the opposite is possible as well.
  • The Annapurna trail is touristic. This means there’re enough shops to be found selling muesli bars etc. Carry enough with you for a day, but not necessarily for days.
  • Whole grain food is hard to find. However, given the touristy side of the trail, this may change the coming years.
  • Prepare for cold nights (insulin in your sleeping bag) and that you might need to carry your insulin warm under your clothes. During my trip this was necessary on the day of crossing Thorung-La pass.